Saturday, December 27, 2014

This seems to be like my mission for the past weeks when i was in my hectic study weeks. I couldn't concentrate on my studies because of my house issues. endless issues. the plumbing, the lighting,  the furnitures i just can’t imagine it now it was so pathetic. 

So after i finished my exams, and settled all the problems it’s a strange feeling to not to have any stress or plans to do for the upcoming weekend before I’m out of uk for my euro trip. It feels nice to be so calm you know, after a long while. My body is telling me it’s finally the time to slow down and I’m happily embracing the moment. 

While I’ve still got a tons of things to pack and arranging the itinerary for my travel mates and emailing/booking/printing etc. It’s nice to know that I can take a short moment to relax and surfs on a slower pace. Breaks are good for the soul. I’m a believer that pushing yourself to get what you want is a great motivation, but listening to my own body when it says enough is enough is fairly momentous. Just like how i always tell myself ’enough is enough’ when i couldn’t stop myself from being in the shower just because its freezing and warm water feels so good :P

With that being said I’m going to spend the rest of my day finishing my new holygrail novel (thank god i have a new muse), cooking, and taking my favourite time to listed to my hindi’s.