Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Going to India is something I’ve always wanted to do. Alhamdulillah it was everything I expected and more. It’s a big deal because it has always been my dream list. As weird as this might sounds, India, China and Egypt have always been my dream places to visit. Now that I have visited the other two, Egypt is the one left.

Not that I dont want to go to other places like Europe or whatever. Ofcourse I do. But these three countries have extra special spot in my heart. To cut the story short, we went there for charity programme that we organised oueselves. Alhamdulilah that Seventhski is part of this. Won’t be talking about everything as it’ll be super menjela. But I thought it’d be nice to post a few out of gazillions pictures of those here. :)

Plenty of programmes were conducted during those 5 days. From slums charity distribution, HIV/AIDS awareness, cleanliness education plus many others. We didnt just target small children of Bangalore, but also high school and pre-university students in educating them about HIV/AIDS.

These children are extremely beautiful,  polite and warm. What touches my heart so much was their keen of learning that you wont expect who will turned up. At first I was scared I couldnt communicate well with them since they dont understand English and my Hindi is a complete rubbish. I mean, I can understand Hindi but to speak with errorless grammar is impossible.

It drove me crazy cause its really hard to keep asking their teachers to translate what I wanted to say. I prefer to have direct communication with these kids instead of having a third party. So I embraced my rubbish Hindi and talked to these gorgeous kids (Infact, i made an announcement in Hindi. How shameless) and to my surprise, they responded to my instructions and answered my questions. I mean the whole class?! I was so happy I cant even tell haha. No more translator! mehee.

HIV/AIDS Forum for pre-uni with the Doctors from India and Malaysia

They're enjoying the perks of being spectators while I was the only one who have to study that day. How unfair. T__T XD 

Those 5 days were a total life changer. I rediscovered myself. Discovered how other people existed. These people are living in extreme poverty, but never seems to not to be happy. The whole journey entering the slums with 'rickshaw' was the best experience I've encountered. Watching small child walking bare-feet, vagabonds, and just everything. I was sitting in the corner of that vehicle i rode, enjoying the chilly winds, and snapping as much as i could with my camera. I have to say, I couldnt resist but teared up a little. How i wish I could contributes more to help these kids. Not just in that slums, but anywhere else where helps are needed. 

Thank you India, you have enlighted me in a way I could never possibly have thought. Definitely going to come back. Definitely.