Been a while

Sunday, November 16, 2014

To tell you the truth, I've stared for almost an hour at my computer's screen figure out what to write. I have stopped blogging for about about 2 year now, my last post was dated 2012 wow that's a long time. And I'm not into blogging anymore so I figure I'll just turn it off. 

Really though, I felt so stupid and I could puke reading old posts of mine. Haha. I mean, cicakdanlelabah blog from the very beginning had always been a place to share some (just completely random things) and pictures.  As time goes I couldn’t maintain the commitment to blog like I used to. Might be leaving this blog, might be not. I don’t know. I’ll probably just leave it as it is. And maintain the name as it is too. To remind myself of how stupid I was to name my blog - - - - > cicakdanlelabah (??!!).

And the reason I happened to write this post is because I browsed through my my album in this laptop and realised I have forgotten about those moment when those pictures were taken. Such a waste. So i probably will blog again. As in just pictures. I think photos and their stories would be well documented this way. Just so that I wont be missing/forgetting the photos I snapped, which most of them ended up in my folders, leaving them unattended. Because how often do you open up your computer's folders to view all those images? Not that frequent, I believe. At least not for me. 

If malas sangat I'll just post pictures. and that's it. :P