Web Design: Shawlforyou Online

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Design published on: June 29, 2012.

Type: Full Package + Posters

Assalamualaikum. :)
This design was published during my last long holiday, a really occupied holiday. haha. Before i started with the draft, me and the owner (the model above) had few meetings on what kind of theme she wanted. As well as some additional image editing lessons. 

Shawlforyou is an online shawl buying site with style. Their styles are up to date and get featured in magazines namely Dara, Wanita, B'yu, REMAJA and severals newspapers too. Click shawlforyou's blog or shawlforyou's facebook for more details. All design elements in this blogshop was 100% designed by me. Which includes header, Facebook Banner, buttons, post divider and etc. I also designed Shawlforyou's promotion and sales posters as well as some wedding stickers. will update those in different entries.

Visit shawlforyou for real time experience on the full blogshop interface.