FAQ: Camera

Friday, June 22, 2012

Few people has been asking me on what camera do i use, especially on this blog. and some asked me in Facebook. To tell you the truth though, my sharing might not benefits you at all, because i'm a complete noob on which gear is the best yadaa yadaa or any camera-related-things.

But i thought I'll just share what i use since you guys have been asking a lot.
So, my favourite camera was (however still is) the Casio Exilim EX-Z300. Just a basic compact digital camera. It took awesome images but finally comes to its end last year where i dropped it into seawater. Memang padan muka. Ever since then, my BB's camera has been my companion. BB Camera memang low quality, plus I punya 2mp pixel, with no autofocus, no flash and what not, but its still my excellent savior indeed. 

Images by Casio Compact Camera:
Pulau Kapas's sunset 2009 (top) - Teluk Cempedak at night 2011 (bottom)

Yes, even normal compact boleh buat bokeh.

Moving on, my third favourite is my dslr. Ok so this is what u guys have been asking about. I use the simplest entry level Dslr by Canon. its the EOS 1100D (in Japan they call it Rebel T3). If you saw Canon Ads with Yuna on it, yes, mine is exactly what Yuna use.

Sample from my dslr:


Fourth, Yashica Vintage Slr. Sebelum ni i've been wanting one solely because of its 'vintage' value and nothing else. HAHA. It belongs to my dan which he bought in around 1980s and he gave it to me recently. It function exactly like Dslr, meaning ada lens semua cuma dia tak digital. Meaning without the digital screen. review here.

So, i rank them this way:

#1: Casio Exilim
#2: BB Camera
#3: Canon Dslr
#4: Yashica Slr

If we're talking about quality gambar, ofcourse dslr ranking 1st. tipu lah kalau kualiti gambar dekat BB lagi elok dari dslr. But if nak rank ikut comfortability, dslr number last, sebab berat. Casio tetap pertama. Ringan, nak bawak kemana-mana pun boleh.

I am still learning and frankly saying I have no talent at all and I bukan photographer. Tapi seriously, if you're aiming for some top shot high quality photos, save up and get a dslr. Sebelum beredar, biar saya hadiahkan serangkap peribahasa inggeris kegemaran kami, yang berbunyi,

"Owning a Dslr does not makes you a photographer."

Ada kaitan tak? ok bai!

Good Food; Good Place

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The signature dessert; Mango Cheesecake
Leave you unforgettable crave. trust me. 

Thank you Ucop for these tetiba colourings stuff?! Haha idk whats his point but love to max. This childhood friend of mine is the best to spent some quality time for laughter and gossips. What shocked me most was he unexpectedly coming with two Coconut Milkshake in his hand and HAHAHA that was exactly what i craved for. 

Good to see you, cop! 

I just came back from the debate championship. Am sleeping in my house tonight because i dont have any clean clothes to wear for tomorrow's programme.

Anyway to cut this post really short because im gonna sleep ASAP. but i have to blog about this so that in few years time from today, when i read back my blog i'd remember this creature haha. Me and Far saw yesterday, on our way to the musolla. The image was snapped by our team, credit to ismailput.

name: Kongkang; venue: IIUM Gombak.

This isnt a stuffed toys, its real! Possible, since we saw this in uia gombak, very near to bukit and hutan haha. and Thanks to Far for guiding me about the name. Or else i'll be assuming the animal as the 'i like to move it move it' scary 'monkey' in Madagascar, like everyone else. :D

Thread 6.15.12: Rushing everywhere

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today is a marathon day. I woke up at 6.30 for Subuh and never sleep after that, since kene gi IIUM Gombak for debate preparation. and today's is the longest ever sebab tomorrow will be the starting day of Debate Championship. Sepanjang 4 hari ni penat sangat, belum sempat merasa cuti lagi sebab baru je balik rumah terus kene pergi uia sejak isnin haritu. pheww! 

iium kuantan

Lepas je habis meeting dekat Uia, i rushed to Midvalley straight. Meetup dengan client. (oh did i mentioned i'm not going to work this holiday? I hired myself as my own boss haha.)

I met my client kak Zatie there and we discussed about the theme and concept that she wants. Very sweet person. We finalized the designs and alhamdulillah she can tolerates with the due date. Cant wait to start working on her website. But only can do that once this debate finished.

Wishing myself best of luck! :P

Flashing Back: Art Teacher

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Masa cuti intersemester last year, besides teaching Chinese Language, Math, and Science, I ajar art class. But the art class was on Saturday.

It was indeed fun. Since I'm teaching litte kids,  kalau tak challenging tak sah. have to be mentally prepared with all the unpredictable questions they think i  question box ke apa. Satu sesi art class maximum 15 orang, supaya art teacher tak pengsan. Lol. Macam-macam soalan, nak colour warna apa, macam mana nak lukis topi, macam mana nak lukis pisang, like everything they dont know they'll ask you.

And every week, I have to came up with a theme, as in what to draw on that week. And they'll be using their skill to draw and paint. I also selit some 'skill class' untuk enhance their skill macam toning, shading, blending and etc. On this class, the kids and I will paint together. We had so much fun!

I dont know about you guys, but I did came across some art classes yang hanya suruh student lukis sahaja, tapi tiada input. I attended quite a number of art classes when I was little (i think masa kecil my mom tak suka tengok i dekat rumah sebab dia hantar i kelas melukis gymdrama trumpet you name it T_T). Eh where were we? Art class. majority was fun but unfortunately i did experienced some not so fun one, too.

I can't let my student experienced the same thing as I did. haha. Its not fair tau. Atleast the kids must be taught with step by step techniques, rather than simply giving random titles and let them draw what they can. 

The third week's theme: Fathers day.

"Miss Sri, how to draw Durian?"
"why u want to draw durian?"
"Because daddy likes to eat Durian so i want to draw a Durian besides him."


Tu baru Durian. Belum apple, burger, dan sewaktu dengannya. Semua benda yang daddy diorang suka diorang nak selit dalam tu. Infact, apa yang daddy pakai pun nak lukis also. So the drawing blocks penuh with favourite food, fruits and pakaian daddy. Tie, blazer dan tshirt. Just look at their drawings.

 I cannot tahan la like this! XD

Thanks Mira

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Its been a while for me to deal with plants. After the 'sunflower' tragedy. I am soo not a 'plant' person right now. When i gets older I have no interest into gardening. My roses died, so does the cactuses. Only my mom's Bougainvillas stay strong (ofcourse), and her orchids haha! My 'Sunflower' journey was a tragedy. Imagine i plant 10 seeds, out of 10, 4 grew, and finally all 4 dead of dedyhdration. Bad Sri Bad. Guess I've got no luck with gardening chores huh. 

I hope these treasure stay strong. Jangan biarkan sejarah lama berulang.

thanks again Mira!