I'm still laughing out loud when i think about this. Bertuah sangat dapat kawan yang romantik ni tau! Yes, Sue is very romantik. I know her very well, and if i were a boy, i would want a girl like her. So this 'mini treasure hunt' which Sue created (haha) happened on friday malam sabtu. (my birthday was on sunday). Tiba-tiba dia suruh keluar dari bilik and pergi je mana-mana asalkan keluar. Pelik betul perangai dia ni. Tak lama lepastu dia call "ok sri now aku nak start treasure hunt. Kau kene main ni untuk cari birthday present kau" 

HAHAHAHA nak main treasure hunt rupanya patutlah beberapa hari sebelum tu, mata dia asyik berkeliaran dekat my bilik. Tengah fikir nak sorok barang kat mana lettew.

" Kau masuk bilik ni and first clue dia: benda apa yang aku excited sangat dapat beli dengan harga RM1?"  I cant help it and gelak sampai sakit perut sebab jawapan dia senang sangat. Its the baby spoon set and each of us ada 3 set of them with different colours and sizes. I went into my room and opened up the cabinet where we keep our cutlery, and taraa, i found the clue for next checkpoint.

There's 6 checkpoints in total. Padahal lokasi treasure hunt dalam bilik sendiri, tapi jumlah checkpoint tak nak kalah. Adui comel betul perempuan ni.

The checkpoint clues (from left to right)

Checkpoint 1: Place where i keep presses sent by blogreaders to my hostel. even mira knows where i keep 'em. (statement sue pasal fans and retiss tu. she clearly tengah menganjing gue)

Checkpoint 2: Medicine and supplements cabinet.

Checkpoint 3: Place where i keep my World Cup bear. Mine was Bearmany. I was shocked that she knew where i keep the bear. Sebab I kept dekat tempat tersorok. sangat tersorok. Hebat dia boleh tahu and letak checkpoint kat situ.

Checkpoint 4: Well she keep her key at a very funny place. and i knew where it is. So i went there and found 'A key with ribbon' and the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5: well, obvious. pintu locker dia. hahaha apa punya checkpoint tah. 

Sue is sooo romantic :')

I've never thought that playing treasure hunt alone can be this fun. Alone okay alone. Orang lain tunggu dekat luar bilik sebab nak i cari checkpoint alone since its my bday. Hahahaha macam kelakar pun ada but so cute!

 I was so touched by her effort to spent her time in doing all these for me. Its not about the gifts that thrilled me, its about the process while i was playing the games thinking that, "wow, she knows so much about me.. even where i keep my secret bear hahaha." She do knows a lot, she's always there when I needed her and her advices (evethough she's tiny! haha) helped me in most of my difficult times here.

Thank you Sue, I always Love you. You know that. 

Birthday #2: Turn 22 on 22!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Malam tu, believe it or not i was alone, reading my friend's blog. Wasnt looking at the clock at all. Countdown lagi lah tidak. But i knew la dah lewat malam. Sue pulak takde. Bosan to the max.

Suddenly pintu bilik bukak and my room light was OFF. All i can see was my laptop's screen light dengan lilin2 dan muka2 familiar. "Happy birthday to you!" "Happy birthday to you!"..... Ceh kejadah rupanya diorang bukan buat assignment pun! Bajet buat assignment sebab tu I kene tinggal sorang dalam bilik. hahaha but they're so cute! Siap bawak belon-belon and party props lagi kelass sangat nasib baik programme manager tak bawak party hat je haa.

when u're in the hostel and didnt wear proper attire :P

It was really a surprise because I was super sleepy that time. I tak expect anything because all of us was really tired disebabkan pagi tu we went hiking so mesti semua orang dah krohh krohh tidur. And i wasnt expecting surprises from roomate either memandangkan dia dah buat 'birthday treasure hunt' yang berlokasi di our bilik sendiri as early as friday night eventhough my birthday is on sunday. Comel gila main "sila cari hadiah tersembunyi" dibilik sendiri hahaha. 

Ni semua muka hyper buat bising tengah malam dalam hostel. Takboleh nak comel lagi ke? Thanks babes, love you guys! 

Billet-doux; A note

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dah kenapa dia ni?


loveyouhateyoumissyouadmireyoulikeyouadore you too Fikah! and Mira! :D

Marché by Mövenpick, Damansara

Monday, April 2, 2012

One of my favourite spot to dine in.  Located in Royale Bintang The Curve Damansara, deretan bistro and restaurant pathway antara IKEA dan The Curve. The concept is fresh street market.

My camera didnt do justice on the place. the place is so much more nicer and bigger. 

Candid of the day: Spot the lady at the back! 


Love the ambience!!

The Exit. Here, just show your passport when you're leaving, and make your payment. 
I cant get enough so 'tapau-ed' more food for for Papsy. Its his favourite too! 

Its my personal favourite, give it a try!  

Marché by Mövenpick Restaurant

Price: Medium-High Price Range
Place: Recommended
Address: Lot G87, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Business Hour : Daily 10am to 10.30pm