Friday, February 10, 2012

Progeria, a type of premature aging atau penuaan awal dalam jangka masa pendek. I thick recently this disease was depicted in the movie Benjamin Button and Paa (hindi). Maybe not as accurate as the real disease but somewhere there. 

Amitabh as son, Abhishek as the father. source

Sebelum ni I thought it was just a fiction. created by novel or movie makers. However, after I watched this video of  hana Wang (a progeria patient), where she was making a bracelet for her idol, Selena Gomez, I was stunted. Rupanya apa yang filmmaker tunjuk dalam movie tu memang wujud in real life. (tapi time backwards macam benjamin button tu rekaan).

Possibility: 1 per 8 million live births.

Lets pray for the best of health and faith. May Allah bless with tons of Barakah that we all can share together, and think about less fortunate ones. Happy Friday everyone :)