Mimie's suka hati pizza [Homemade]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I have this little sister, age 10, but her size makes her looks like 7. And she's the sweetheart of us all. So last October, when her Hari kanak-kanak is coming, she got really excited. Handed her 'piggy bank' and asked me for help. Help to buy 'Zebra stuffed toys bag' online. -___-

So i was there, at home, coincidencely. and i told mimie that lets make pizza then? Senang and simple. Base dia macam buat roti. Plus dough dia boleh simpan lama. Trust me, its super easy. 

This is our 'campak-everything' toppings haha! put anything u want tapi jangan sampai sarat sangat. (October 2012)

Since Mimie has to carry these to school and its impossible to serve on pizza pan, thus before tu kitorang pergi beli pizza box dulu dekat nearest baking supplies store. We made 4 pizzas. 2 for Mimie's Hari Kanak-kanak and the other 2 for the people at home.

Pizza Dough: 2 pizzas  
1 1/2 cups warm water  
2 1/4 teaspoons yeast 
3 1/2 cups of bread flour (kalau nak crispier crust boleh pakai all-purpose-flour)
2 tablespoons oil
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoons sugar

Topping (totally depends on you! you can add anything you want)
Tomato Puree/paste
Mozzarella cheese 
Sausage (make sure its cooked)
Black Pepper (optional)
Large Onions 

How to:
1. add warm water and yeast in mixer. wait 5minutes till dissolve. Stir.

2. add corn oil, flour, salt and sugar in the mixer. If u dont have a mixer u can use hand.  Mix for 10 minutes till u get the dough look. 

3. coat the bowl with some oil. put the dough in the bowl and roll it so that it get coated with the oil. place the bowl in warm place for 1 to 2 hours till the dough doubled in size. Dont forget to cover the bowl with plastic wrap. (Biasanya kitorang buat banyak then simpan dalam fridge. Boleh guna up to 2 weeks.)

4. Heat the oven to 450°F for at least 30 minutes - 1 hour.

5.Take the dough, punch the dough so that it deflates a little. Take desired amount of dough and work it to become ball like.  (divide it according to desired size).

6. Flattened the ball dough, make sure not to thick/thin. stretch it to your desired size. be creative. if any area is thicker, flattened it with your palm.

7. brush dough's top with corn oil. let rest for 5 minutes. 

8. put your dough on flat baking sheet or pan. sprinkle some floor underneath first.

9. Prepare your desired toppings. Spread tomato sauce --> sprinkle cheese --> put desired topping (mushroom, sausage, more cheese, tuna, capsicum etc etc)

10. Put the pizza into the oven and bake it about 15 minutes till the crust is browned. 


Mimie is the only one who has helped me out that and she has been a great help. Haha. But really, despite her boyish look, she's really nice girl and listen to all her sisters very, very well. I love her. 

Anyway, have fun trying. Bye!

I saw the 2 minutes icecream on youtube so i figured, I'll give it a go. 

And i failed. Haha. It tooks more than 2 freaking minutes! Maybe sebab I'm way too slow. Wasn't speed enough. or maybe because it was my first time. It turned out that i need about 10 minutes to let the icecream hardened. And that special 'ice-batu' is not always available in store. Then I tried again, this time without the ais batu, and without the raw eggs. It works! 

To make the icecream less boring, (though eating plain vanilla icecream has never been boring), i decided to top the icecream with my favourite peach sauce nyum!  

Vanilla Icecream: (recipe )
2 cups of heavy cream 
1 can of  sweetened condensed milk.
Vanilla extract

1.Whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks. Add vanilla, sugar and mix in the condensed milk.
2. Freeze it!

Peach Sauce:
1/4 cup butter (plain, not salted)
5 tablespoons brown sugar 
Pinch of cinnamon powder
3 Peaches (i bake it first. But u can skip the bake part if u want to)
 Vanilla extract (optional)

1. On medium heat, melt butter and cinnamon. Then, add sugar, stir till dossolve.
2. Add peaches and vanilla. Saute the peaches till they are soft.
3. Stir till thicken. Pour over icecream. Wallahh~

To avoid having an awkward shape of icecream like mine, use an icecream scoop if you have it.

Have fun!

Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie

Monday, November 26, 2012

I craze over macaron like everything else doesnt matter and this is the place where I'll get my craving fixed. Taste wonderful. Not too sweet macam Harrods. and uncomparable to The cupcake chics. The Cupcake Chics punya tasteless and just doesnt taste good. However, TWG is still the best. Levain comes number two.

My favourite flavours gotta be lemon, raspberry and pistachio. These are my must have flavours regardless of where i get the macaron from.

Rendang, Seafood Spagetti, and Chicken Pizza. The pizza taste fine. But the pastas are good. My fav gottabe the Cappucino. Taste lebih kurang macam Wondermilk's. To conclude, i love Levain's and Wondermilk's Cappucino, equally the same. 

These kaki makans.

Levain (this image credit to google)

Levain is located exactly in the middle of KL city, and its a Bungalow turns into Restaurant. Lokasi dia dikepit antara residential area. Rumah rumah rumah eh tetibe ada restaurant. Nak senang, just waze-it up.

We ordered 9 different flavors. 

This is a must go if u're a macarons lover, like me!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Address: No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL.
Business Hour: 8am to 8pm Daily
Website: http://www.levain.com.my/
Rating: 8/10

Happy Trying!

*All images belong to this blog, unless otherwise stated. 

of finals and assignments and banjir

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finally, its my study weeks!  

Fathi cakap 'has the ability to fry well'. Kongjaq sangat Tehi. 

That was during my class assignment to produce future bioreactor. We chosed marine Algae. Class ni super awesome sebab not lecture based oriented at all.  Dr Fazli pun super awesome despite his looks ada iras-iras somebody i know walaupun takdelah iras sangat pun. But still, reminds me of somebody. 

Talking about this semester, seriously hectic no doubt. 9 assignments and approx 14 lab reports to be submitted this semester, 90% of them are individual assignments. Tapi dalam hectic tu seronok pun ada sebab Prof and Dr yang ajar kitorang semuanya best and orang-orang yang dah ada level sendiri dalam scientific research and very dedicated.

About finals, if you ask me have i started studying? NO. Now still struggling with my nineth which is the very final mini thesis yang sepatutnya kene hantar harini tapi tunda esok. The reason is because, Bandar Kuantan, and UIA Kuantan banjir. Tak boleh nak gerak mana-mana. Dia suruh siapkan assignment.

*My final exam will be on this Friday, pray for me! :)

Design by Sri, published on: July 25, 2012.

Type: Dotcom Website/ Personal Website
Click Website : http://www.eqbalzack.com

This was the third time I'm working with Abg Eq, and I personally like to work with him simply because he's very clear with what he want in his website. And dia serahkan 100% dekat designer meaning dia trust on you. Feel very comfortable to work with him no doubt. 

This time, EqbalZack nak something yang fresh looking instead of elegant black macam previous designs. I makeover the entire web to fit the fresh theme, from top to bottom. My favourite part is the footer with the quotation. I sengaja left the quotation part empty initially, sebab nak EqbalZack pilih his favourite quote.

Click Eqbalzack.com for real time experience and people's reviews on the new design.

View more designs, click here.

The Yashica Vintage SLR

Monday, November 12, 2012

Regarding previous post, this vintage Slr belongs to Papa until he gave it to me 5 months ago wee I'm a happy kid! He bought it in 1980s i think he was around 25+ ish that time? so this camera has been 'living' for quite some time i guess. 

Its a SLR where u can change the lens, and it functions exactly like a DSLR meaning boleh adjust aperture, autofocus, ISO yadaa yadaa, tapi without the digital screen and u need films to work it out. Macam agak leceh sebab u need film kan, but owning daddy's 30 y/o camera is a great pleasure. Tapi pemalas like me maybe kene shoot banyak-banyak dulu baru boleh pergi cuci. And below are couples of  instant indoor and outdoor shots.



One thing I'm impressed with this camera is, eventhough dah lama and no autocleaning, tapi ruang dalam lens tu tak berhabuk. Maybe because of the strong base sebab Yashica was the one who came out with the very first SLR even before canon/nikon/kodak. But i wonder why the brand has collapsed. The good thing about this cam is, it feels really nice to hold, and body dia solid, so its quite responsive and comfortable. And the image shot? wasnt dissapointed at all. Cuma kadang-kadang ada slight noise dekat gambar, tapi I'm presuming that this is normal for camera of that generation? I have no idea.

another outdoor shot from this cam (different film).

Still exploring on how to use it to the max. Loving the cam! Thanks Pa! :D

Homemade Caramel Sauce for toppings!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good afternoon! Its been a while isnt it? Since the last time i blogged. I did post an entry last week but my hostel's wifi was too slow that i ended up duplicated it so i deleted the other one. But i mistakenly deleted both like whatever poof now its gone. 

Anyway, this entry is to share this uberr easy way to make your own caramel sauce. i captured these images like since before Ramadhan so i should post this entry at those time but due to my schedule during my holiday, this entry ended up to be posted today. infact most of my upcoming entries took time few months back. HAHA. 

Here's how we do it:

1 cup of sugar
1 table/s cornstarch (or corn syrup/ cairkan tepung jagung pun boleh )
5 table/s water
1/2 cup heavy cream (warm)
1 table/s salted butter (kalau pakai unsalted butter boleh tambah sedikit garam )
1 tea/s essence of vanilla

1. Melt sugar, corn syrups and water together. Water is actually optional, i sometimes skip that. :P
    Wait till the mixture turns golden. Do not overheat! A slight 'hangus' taste made a huge difference.
2. Constantly stirs, once all the mixture melts and turn golden, take the pot off from the fire. Pour heavy
    cream and stir again. At this point, when you pour the heavy cream, it will bubbles up. So becarefull. :)
3. Add butter, and vanilla. Keep 'em in a jar and you're done! 

I'm a huge caramel fans. Now that caramel is sooo easy to make and it goes for any desserts like, u name it. Oh, and please be extra cautious coz u're handling with hot sugars.

I taste great, give it a try! 

Dah lama tak update pasal tuisyen center kan?

Dekat sini pelajar ranging from darjah 1 until form3. Yang form-form tu dah matang sikit so takpelah. Ni yang mengada nak bercinta semua ni student darjah tiga. Yang tak boleh tahan kalau abang dia sendiri bercinta dengan bestfriend dia punya kakak. dia pula bercinta dengan bestfriend dia punya adik. Satu kerabat dia tuition sana haha. 

Diorang ni hardcore jugak, Macam dekat sini. Kadang-kadang sengaja nak kene denda sekali with their crush. Jangan comel sangat boleh tak. Best chat dengan dengan diorang walaupun kadang-kadang annoying paksa cikgu dengar cerita anak anjing dia beranak -_-"

5bulan cuti tu was totally a life changing experience. I still remember one day I cakap 'cikgu sakit kaki harini, semalam terseliuh'. Lepastu, bila nak berdiri nak jalan, diorang cepat-cepat datang berebut nak papah. "Biar saya yang papah Miss Sri! Kesian dia".


Student yang I closest with mostly darjah 3 dengan darjah 1. Tahap menangis-nangis luahkan perasaan. Yang pernah kene marah sampai nangis pun tetibe jadi rapat. Ada yang lepas sikat rambut pulun tour satu pusat tuition cari mintak tolong tocangkan. Nak terharu kali ke dua. :')

Zhi Ling's

Chian Ni's:

And few days before Miss Sri ni berhenti kerja, I speed up class sikit nak habiskan latihan diorang. Masa tengah mengajar tertinggal note kat office. Jadi turun pergi amik sekejap.

Naik-naik kelas balik je..

Sejak bila tah jadi Mrs? 

Sobs.. nak terharu kali ke-tiga! I love you too :'(


Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy weekend everyone! 

Web Design: Shawlforyou Online

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Design published on: June 29, 2012.

Type: Full Package + Posters

Assalamualaikum. :)
This design was published during my last long holiday, a really occupied holiday. haha. Before i started with the draft, me and the owner (the model above) had few meetings on what kind of theme she wanted. As well as some additional image editing lessons. 

Shawlforyou is an online shawl buying site with style. Their styles are up to date and get featured in magazines namely Dara, Wanita, B'yu, REMAJA and severals newspapers too. Click shawlforyou's blog or shawlforyou's facebook for more details. All design elements in this blogshop was 100% designed by me. Which includes header, Facebook Banner, buttons, post divider and etc. I also designed Shawlforyou's promotion and sales posters as well as some wedding stickers. will update those in different entries.

Visit shawlforyou for real time experience on the full blogshop interface.

Balloon Balloon Balloon!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Its been a great holidays so far! Been enjoying every single bit of it, despite some 'emo' day ofcourse. New activities on weekend and working from home on weekdays, Alhamdulillah ada activities yang berlainan every holidays, takdelah boring sangat. 

Anyway, i just finished my debate thingy in UIA last few weeks, and kali ni pergi MSU Shah Alam untuk join charity concert. bukan jadi penonton, but to help the event. Charity night for philantrophis, yang paling best sebab ada Azlan the typewritter!

Why i was there? kekeke segan nak cakap tapi the fact is i was the MUA (make up artist) lah sangat for the performers on that night. macam takde orang lain. Haha tapi itulah fakta bukan auta yang sampai sekarang I feel like entah apa-apa. Since Shah Alam is far from KL so kene stay dekat hotel.
Three nights stay was sponsored by MSU. 

On friday morning itself we all dah start buat Balloon Arch untuk the hall's entrance. I supposed tu come later in the afternoon (sebab kata MUA -___-) but then sebab Kelly was alone so i went there earlier to help her out.

Left: balloon arc. Done at 3 pm. Right: helium balloons. Done at 5 pm. 
Kitorang rushing gila sebab malam tu Kelly needs to go to radio station untuk interview session since she got into the Finale of Teen Idols. and I have my make up task to be done. T_T

Completed Balloon Arch

The one in red is the cutest i swear! :D

Completed Helium Balloon Decor

Overall, fun day! Tak pernah terfikir yang ikat belon beratus-ratus tu boleh patahkan kuku. haaaa..


FAQ: Camera

Friday, June 22, 2012

Few people has been asking me on what camera do i use, especially on this blog. and some asked me in Facebook. To tell you the truth though, my sharing might not benefits you at all, because i'm a complete noob on which gear is the best yadaa yadaa or any camera-related-things.

But i thought I'll just share what i use since you guys have been asking a lot.
So, my favourite camera was (however still is) the Casio Exilim EX-Z300. Just a basic compact digital camera. It took awesome images but finally comes to its end last year where i dropped it into seawater. Memang padan muka. Ever since then, my BB's camera has been my companion. BB Camera memang low quality, plus I punya 2mp pixel, with no autofocus, no flash and what not, but its still my excellent savior indeed. 

Images by Casio Compact Camera:
Pulau Kapas's sunset 2009 (top) - Teluk Cempedak at night 2011 (bottom)

Yes, even normal compact boleh buat bokeh.

Moving on, my third favourite is my dslr. Ok so this is what u guys have been asking about. I use the simplest entry level Dslr by Canon. its the EOS 1100D (in Japan they call it Rebel T3). If you saw Canon Ads with Yuna on it, yes, mine is exactly what Yuna use.

Sample from my dslr:


Fourth, Yashica Vintage Slr. Sebelum ni i've been wanting one solely because of its 'vintage' value and nothing else. HAHA. It belongs to my dan which he bought in around 1980s and he gave it to me recently. It function exactly like Dslr, meaning ada lens semua cuma dia tak digital. Meaning without the digital screen. review here.

So, i rank them this way:

#1: Casio Exilim
#2: BB Camera
#3: Canon Dslr
#4: Yashica Slr

If we're talking about quality gambar, ofcourse dslr ranking 1st. tipu lah kalau kualiti gambar dekat BB lagi elok dari dslr. But if nak rank ikut comfortability, dslr number last, sebab berat. Casio tetap pertama. Ringan, nak bawak kemana-mana pun boleh.

I am still learning and frankly saying I have no talent at all and I bukan photographer. Tapi seriously, if you're aiming for some top shot high quality photos, save up and get a dslr. Sebelum beredar, biar saya hadiahkan serangkap peribahasa inggeris kegemaran kami, yang berbunyi,

"Owning a Dslr does not makes you a photographer."

Ada kaitan tak? ok bai!