Hai 2012!

Friday, December 16, 2011

5 days to go and its new year. I dont celebrate new year. Nor i went to any celebration on Masihi's new year eve. But i'm making this post just to mark the starting of 2012 as an indicator to start something new.

2012 Resolution? Yes, just name it that way.

-Lastyear New Year Eve. View from my home.

But this post is not going to list down EXACTLY or SPECIFICALLY whats on my NYR (new year resolutions) list that i have jotted down on my diary. Lets just go general.

1: More Sorry.
'Sorry' is not a hard thing at all for me to say. Seriously. I am not an egoistic /or tempered person especially to my friends and I apologies easily. But what im trying to set here is to apologies on the previous acts I've done. Let it be towards Allah swt, or to my family and friends. While for future, make less mistakes. I know human makes mistakes but come on, as cliche as it might sound, less is more. :)

2: Focus on customers that I enjoy working with.
I admit that there are some moment where i woke up every morning(on holiday), and its a fear to read another email from one of my customers. Will they reject my design? Will they like it? What if they doesnt? Do i have to make another draft?

3: Find what's best for me.
U know what works for you. Ofcourse you do. And you know what wastes your time when you're working. As for me, this always spent my ticktock and i ended up having stress:

Example 1: Having problem to simply decide whether to use #ffb3b8 versus #ff6670 on the mast head of a website background. -----> this is wasting my time because both colours are close to be similar.

4: Be more organized.
I jumbled up my time management. Not to mentioned my financial. They were all jumping here and there. I have income from my freelancing and parents but i didnt manage it well and by end of the month i cant see anything in exact manner. There were like pooofff! Where did the money went to?
What i have done in this entire time? TIME TO REGRET. <--- this is a montly scene.

5: Hijrah.
On something. I told you that im gonna be general.

So thats about it. This is my first resolution list I've ever made for new year. Usually when people asks me Whats you NYR? I ended up saying 'I dont have one!'

Let this time be real. Amin. :)

What you do?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When you were doing assignments and get bored with all those journals?

No kertas kosong 

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

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courtesy of this

A human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This is similar to twenty bones getting fracture at a time.

Love our mother, the most beautiful person on this earth, our best critic, yet our strongest supporter.


Actually sepanjang mengajar dekat sana, yang paling entertaining was bila ajar budak darjah 1. I'm teaching darjah 1 kelas pagi. Siang and petang ajar darjah 4, 5, 6. Kelas darjah 1 macam relax sikit. Darjah 1 best sebab kelakar tapi diorang tak sedar yang diorang tu kelakar. 

Tak padan dengan darjah 1 dah ada crush crush. Cikgu pun kalah. Ada yang sengaja nak kene denda sekali dengan kekasih hati dia. Yang takboleh tahan gelak bila tanya dia:

"Kenapa you nak kene denda sama dengan dia? U suka dia ke?"

"Saya suka dia."


Xiu Qing

Part 1 Video

Part last-last video gelak sampai sekarang.

*SILA CLICK/ON Annotation (speech bubble) untuk translation.

*Memang kene garang. Cikgu yang baik hati (pengsan) pun akan evolve jadi garang after 3 days.*


#Ragam Tuition Centre [3]

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pada suatu petang yang hening, hening lah sangat padahal duduk dalam office mana tau hening ke tidak.

Ehem pada suatu petang yang hening, masa dalam tuition centre, ontheway nak pergi washroom, ada this one student lalu sebelah and talked to me sekejap.  He is very cute and lepastu pandai, lepastu dengar cakap, senang cerita one of my favourite student. :P

Name: Chunlik W***
Age: 8 years old (Standard 2)
Gender: Male.

*Translated conversation. Originally in mandarin.*

Chunlik: miss sri u got facebook?

Sri: got. Why?

Chunlik: u put what name as ur fb name?

Sri: I put my name la. haha why?

Chunlik: I want to add u.

Sri: whats ur fb name?

Chunlik: chunlik W***.

Sri: what picture? your picure?

Chunlik: yes my face.. Eh no no.. My face, but old face.

Sri: haha old face? ok I'll add you once I get home?

Chunlik: Yeay!

*the next day. while in the class during take-5*

Sri: i saw ur profile already. ur profile pic got one grandnanny at the back right?

Chunlik: yes! Miss Sri, thats my grandma. it was her birthday celebration. You add me already?

Sri: Yup

Chunlik: Yeay! I will approve this friday! Mummy only give me online on Friday and Saturday.

Chun Lik Profile Pic. The one with his old face hahaha. With his grandnanny at the back.

Too cute. Mata sebelah single-eyelid sebelah double-eyelid haish cuteness overdose. and masa I asked him about his profile picture kebetulan student lain dalam class dengar. Sudah. Now semua nak add Miss Sri T_T. 

So that they wont feel offended, I asked them to write their emails on a piece of paper and let me add them instead.  Tapi I didnt add pun. Takut I'll be giving bad influence ke maklumlah cikgu they all ni pun bukan betul sangat wuaaaaaaa T__T. (nangis tahi lalat dipipi.)

16 years had past.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1995's Ona, Papa, and Along.

Now everyone and everything changed. Wonder how will i look in the next 16 years. Only if God's Will. Happy Wednesday People!

Do not ask whats with my pose.

As stated above, I went to work last Saturday. ni bukan entry nak sokong or provoke mana-mana pihak. ni just entry how my Saturday went like. eventhough papa dah cakap jangan pergi kerja masa 9 July. Mama pun cakap jangan. But i insisted to go, sebab ada hal nak settle.

Overall, memang agak susah nak travel especially untuk orang awam macam I yang tak berpihak pada mana-mana pihak dan tak berminat ke arah mana-mana pihak and all i want is, to go to work thats it. Pavi closed, bukitbintang closed, timesquare closed, klcc too. Some others small peniaga or penjaja yang generate money dengan jual air or whatsoever pada hari sabtu dimana semua orang akan keluar shopping pun affected for sure.

Malam before 9 july I googled which public transport I can take sebab jalan tutup.  So early in the morning at about 9am, I took Putra LRT from taman melati, and stop dekat Masjid Jamek. First impression? Lega. sebab as far as i concerned, major area includes Masjid Jamek. So bila turun Masjid Jamek, tengok dari atas station, kereta takde langsung, and that make sense lah sebab jalan tutup haha sepak kang kau ni sri. And yang nampak is banyak gila polis with limegreen jacket. and i automatically "wow. ok."

So i ride from masjid jamek then nak turun dekat salak selatan. otw ke salak selatan, station example like Pudu, and Hang Tuah dah mula tutup and lrt mula packed dengan orang muka cuak sebab tak tahu nak pergi kerja macam mana.

Sampai ofis, mengajar seperti biasa, time break, i googled updates about the rally etc. And then, pukul 1.30pm adik i called, she informed me that lrt taman melati, terminal gombak, wangsa maju are closed. So macam mana sri ni nak balik? Demmit, tadi bila nak pergi, buka, bila nak balik tutup pulak.

Bila habis kerja, I straight away beli ticket to Masjid jamek. And then ada notis tampal dekat counter yang Station Masjid Jamek tutup! fine. Dah tak tau nak pergi mana. then i asked the lady sitting in the counter, where should i go to reach putra lrt? Dia kata naik star sampai bandar tasik selatan, then naik KTM to KL sentral.

Ok so, I naik and stop dekat bandar tasik selatan and naik komuter. KTM station was hectic. semua orang saling membantu tunjuk direction. the situation was different really. Banyak gila foreigner cuak. I pun cuak jugak sebab masa ni pulak baru realised not enough cash how i wished 10 bucks dalam pocket cukup. nak cari atm dekat mana pulak time time macam ni.

lepas naik ktm rasa lega sikit. then I tengok map and plan dalam hati, ok, I nak stop dekat batu caves, then call papa suruh jemput. Tak sampai dua minit papa called,

"papa dengar the perhimpunan dah shift to Batu Caves, try not to stop there."

And i was like... ARGH. Dan tiba-tiba "ding dong, keretapi api ini tidak akan berhenti di station batu caves, harap maklum."

Rasa macam nak tumbuk dinding KTM tu je masa tu. Acah acah kuat lol. So next, plan nak turun kl sentral. from there, naik putra, turun mana2 station nearest and available to my house.

Turun je dari KTM dekat KL sentral, lega sangat. jalan jalan jalan nak pergi putra. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. KL SENTRAL punya putra LRT pun TUTUP. now seriously buntu tak tahu nak balik macam mana. mana ada bus. dah lah sorang-sorang, duit cukup-cukup je, baterry phone pulak dah nak habis. how pathetic i was that time.

ramai gila orang dekat sana. hectic gila sebab ada yang dah tunggu 3 jam.  

ada sorang aunty ni tengah mengamuk dengan officer yang tgh jaga dlm 'pagar' lrt tu. lepastu semua orang mula jerit "bukak! bukak!"
Banyak gila photographers. ada yang tengah mengamuk, ada yang tengak gelak.
So haritu ada dua rally. Rally Bersih. and rally mogok suruh bukak gate lrt. :P

i waited there for about 2 hours. maybe less. duit critical, battery handphone pun duakalilima tengah critical jugak. Mama called, i kene lecture lagi, "mama dah cakap jangan pergi kerja kan?"

kalau snap sambil berdiri, u can see ramai gila tengah duduk macam pelarian.
and I'm one of them. AHAH. 

After hours of waiting, the gate finally open. the officer is so baik, dia kerja so effective. bila gate dah buka, the crowd semua cakap "aunty go in first! aunty go in first!" and everyone burst into laughters. haha serious funny that moment tapi malas nak cerita semua, but it was totally an experience.

Naik lrt, tiba2 ramai kawan. sebab semua orang tanya and mula borak dengan u:

"u tadi stucked brape hours?"
"alamak klcc station tutup lagi ni, where should i stop?"
"tadi u nampak tak rally tu? ramai gila orang"

lrt yang initially was so packed dah mula lengang. I was standing alone bersandar dekat tepi pintu and pandang the KL environment. No cars. empty. tapi bila nak masuk area setiawangsa dah mula nampak kereta.

i drop at taman melati station coz takut station gombak close and took a cab and went back home. safe and sound.

mind map: stations lrt which i took that day, naik dan turun.

which is 8 different stations in total.

Disclaimer: I am not part of any so called Bersih 2.0 rally, nor the Patriot. I just went out for work and what can i say more? Its an LRT day. Hee.

Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me, Aisya and Wesha went to watch Transformer tapi ended up Aisya sorang je yang stay until the last minutes of that movie. I was so bored and sampai tahap kesabaran melampaui batas and terjerit "jom keluar dari sini?" to these girls. And we went out. Wesha je sebab rupanya dia pun bosan hahaha.

Went out from cinema to get out fav snowflakes while waiting for Aisya. Looks like snowflakes is more appealing than Transformer heh? :P

#Ragam Tuition Centre [1]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuition center which Im currenty teaching in is located in Cheras. More specifically, Salak South. Maksudnya students here stay in  Salak South area juga.

Ada satu hari tu, masa tengah check homework diorang,

*conversation was originally in Chinese*

Me: Why didn't you do your homework?

Student: I didn't come to class last week.

Me: Why?

Student: I balik kampung.

Me: Where is your kampung?

Student: Salak South.

Me: -___-"

Oi Wu Zhe.

Currently one of my my favourite student sebab dia very dengar cakap.
Kalau suruh sleep, dia sleep. Kalau lepastu suruh bangun, dia tetap akan sleep sampai habis class.

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Its Sunday

Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been tagged but cant remember who tagged me actuallly but thanks anyway :)

1. Elementary school : Lee Rubber(Nan Yik) Chinese Independant School
2. Highschool : Puteri Titiwangsa Girls School
3. University: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
4. Hair colour : Black
5. Tall or short : medium?
6. Sweat or jeans : Jeans
7. Piercings : Ears.
8. What happends in your life recently: Nothing fancy really.

1. Been in an airplane : Yes
2. Been in a car accident : Yes
3. Been a fist fight : Many times. Fist fight as in karate's sparing tournament.
4. Lost glasses/contacts : I lost my spectacles annually this is so real. total : 7 (I lost 4 glasses and breaks 3)

1. First best friend : The twin (Yuen Kee & Yuen Nee), we danced and sing in every school occasions since tadika to primary school. and our mother purposely sent us to the same secondary school.
2. First award : English story telling when i was 7?
3. First crush : Dont even know his name lol. I never see him again after 22 April 2006 hahaha.
4. Last food you ate : Wonka
5. Last person you hugged : its either Papa or Mama i dint remember. or Aali just now. he's my lil cousin.

1. Lips or eyes : Eyes
2. Shorter or taller : Taller
3. Romantic or spontaneous : Spontaneous
4. Nice stomach or nice arms : Stomach
5. Hook -up or relationship : Relationship
6. Looks or personality : Personality


And after waking up, i decided to bake some cupcakes/muffin err whatever. 


110g/4oz butter or margarine, softened at room temperature
110g/4oz caster sugar
2 eggs (lightly beaten ok)
1 tsp vanilla essence
110g/4oz self-raising flour
1-2 tbsp milk (susu cair)


1. Preheat the oven to 180C and prepare your cuppies paper.
2. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale. Beat in the eggs a little at a time and stir in the vanilla extract.
3. Fold in the flour using a large metal spoon, adding a little milk until the mixture is of a dropping consistency. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases until they are half full.
4. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until golden-brown on top!


This is a very very much basic vanilla cake based recipe. Super easy. I prefer vanilla cake base sebab later I'll topped them up with creamcheese anyway. and other fancy toppings with cream frostings. Sebenarnya terbuat 2 kali. haha. satu terlebih butter, so it went a bit softer. i prefer taste yang ni. sebab dia soft. tak perlu topping pun memang dah manis. nyumm!

sebab later nak letak toppings jugak so boleh cover those pores. gahaha!

And the second tray taste alil bit like muffin sebab lebih keras cos i add tepung lol.

anyhow, i enjoy them both!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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My makeover in KOSMO today

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abg Eq   informed me about this yesterday. Actually dah lama dah since Januari Abg Eq bagitau pasal benda ni. Hari tu inbox dekat FB cakap suruh tengok. But i tak baca paper you bila dekat Kuantan ni.  :)

eqbalzack.com's blog design.

Congratulation Abg Eq!
Semoga murah rezeki lagi! :)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

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