Things I have in mind during exams week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'll be having a test tomorrow. Still not studying. Fever come strike in lightning and flu is annoying.

1. SUPER blur of what i'm gonna do, simply I just grabbed a copy of last month's issue of Cleo from rack where i put my magazines. Not those scientific mags. well i dont really have one of those. But those mags which i read to kills time. Just flipping thru pages to see some real beau models and celebs, and i stopped at a page on hairstyles. OMG i'm so gonna cut my hair again.

2. Feeling like eating something cold. Sherbet! also missing Red Bean icecream potong that i used to buy after dinner with Syifa when we were in PJ.

3. The chair i'm sitting right now is making noises. Its squecks everytime i made a single move. its for real. Is that an alarm for me to start dieting though? but despite the poor workmanship that i'm pouring into, i think i manage to fixed it. the chair is all mute now.

4. I'm missing my friends. Syifa. And Wesha. and everybody.

5. Missing kid sneaking into my rooms and watchs what i do on internet. And won't stop bugging me to let her play my laptop so that she can opens up paints to draw some apples and writes her name, 'mimie' on it.

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