Mice Dissection

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally, the day has come. Bedah tikus day. Each person must dissect 2 ekor tikus.

Tikus ni semua alive. its just that diorang pengsan je. Under anesthetic.

Well the purpose of this session is to dissect their abdomen in order to observe the internal organs. Intestine, caecum, liver, stomach, kidney etc.. in order to understand their physiological features. Next, we have to open their ribcage to observe diaphram, heart and lungs related to respiratory features and process. We even inserted small metal tube into its trachea and blow in air with our mouth to experience the enlargement of lungs upon inhalation. Selama ni belajar theories je. Yang paling amazing is paru-paru dia bersih.

I have no problem dissecting these mices. Alhamdulillah lancar and tak ketar. Tapi as I'm writting this post tiba-tiba rasa kesian. Thank you for your sacrifices dear tikus-tikus. I feel bad.  I'll make full use of what i learnt today for the betterman. Thank you! :')